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Im gonna only upload the good pivot world episodes that ive done, And they wont be titled as episoes but i the description they wil be, the first second and third will be viewable on youtube, but if this animation gets declined then im not gonna upload pivot world on here. I might upload random shorts later in the future! Wish me the best of luck ^^

No more Pivot

2015-03-14 13:35:44 by Kylelacy99

Well I guess Pivot world For now On will Be a Youtube Only, I guess I could Just post Shorts on here, Probably like slow motion animation or Erase Board Animation :P

The Big Fight

2015-03-14 03:36:57 by Kylelacy99

idk why people would delete pivot world the big fight, of course its not gonna be great because IT WAS MY FIRSt ANIMATION!

Pivot World

2015-03-14 02:17:18 by Kylelacy99

Hello guys, im so happy taht pivot world is now on NewGrounds :D Compared to youtube you get ALOOT more views on here than on youtube like, I uploaded the first pivotsode yesterday and i had 150 views, WOOAAHH! Anyways this is a lttle update saying that I'm gonna be uploading Two Pivotsodes every day until it catches up with the series on youtube :3 Youtube has 10 Of them out, And im gonna be uploading the fourth Pivotsode later today, Man Though... I know you guys want better content and i know i know these were from a couple months back when i first started! But the fourth one is aactually pretty long, its a minute compared to the ones youve seen! So be excited, Heres teh upcoming Pivotsodes that are coming out on NewGrounds every two days till it catches up to youtube! It will also show the dates! Also once NewGrounds is caught up with youtube, i make animations every two weeks, So once your all caught up don't be expecting more... for like a week anyways...

Pivot World Ep.4 Stickerman (March 14th 2015)

Pivot World Ep.5 The Ultimate Battle (March 15th, 2015)

Pivot World Ep.6  Life After Death ( March 15th 2015)

Pivot World Ep.7 Little kids, Little Figures ( March 16th 2015)

Pivot World Ep.8 Pivot Zombies ( March 16th 2015)

Pivot World Ep.9 The Couple ( March 17th 2015)

Pivot World Ep.10 Pivot Day ( March 17th 2015)

Pivot world for season 1 will have 14 episodes so theres for more expected ones :) Once i upload all ten of them so far, you guys will have to wait two weeks to get the next Pivotsodes Like Youtube does! Well thats all fo now until next time peace!

Townes Ground, PIVOT WORLD!

2015-02-18 13:14:29 by Kylelacy99

Aw yeah, Pivot world will also now be on Newgrounds :D I will start uploading soon, this will also be where I upload artwork and news feeds other than pivot world like other series I plan on doing or artwork for them!